Callaway X2 Hot Driver Review

x2-hot-driverCallaway golf clubs are known for their accuracy, advanced technology and ability to take your ball farther down the course than most competitor clubs. We thought that we would take out the Callaway X2 Hot Driver and run it through a few shots to give you a brief review of its capabilities.

Lighter and Thinner

This year, Callaway has changed the face of the club to create a thinner and faster all titanium driver. With this technology, it gives you--the golfer--a larger sweet spot and allows you to have some forgiveness when you strike the ball. Fortunately, with this club, you really don't need to adjust your swing as the club has enough force throughout the large sweet spot to knock your ball down the fairway.

Improved X2 Hot Driver

Callaway decided to change everything when they created the X2 Hot Driver. This allows you to get the ball with slight imperfections. The light shaft creates the ability to put tremendous power into your swing. The weight of the driver is balanced just right so that your swing should feel natural and even. While there was a great deal of performance from last year's model, this driver should allow you to put more velocity on the ball, hit higher and longer.


Of course, one of the main strengths of Callaway golf clubs is that they give you consistent shots time after time if you practice and hone your game. One of the advantages of using this driver is that it sits real nice behind the ball, it feels very solid and the shaft is light. All in all, this is a tremendous driver that should give you a leg up on your buddies. We all know that they are going to have the best equipment possible so you will have to beat them to the punch.

Check out the Callaway X2 Hot Driver and have fun on the course.

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