Callaway GBB EPIC Driver Unleashes Dramatic Increase In Distance

Callaway Golf is known for their innovation and ability to create golf clubs and drivers that hit farther and straighter than the competition. In 2017, with the aid of a breakthrough innovation known as "Jailbreak Technology," Callaway is helping golfers hit longer and straighter by introducing the new GBB Epic Driver. This revolutionary driver has the ability to help a golfer dramatically increase the distance that they hit the ball. Jailbreak technology has the ability to stiffen the body, which takes a golfer's momentum and energy and transfers it straight into the ball.

GBB EPIC Driver Technology

Innovative and unique in its construction, the technology behind this powerful driver uses a term that physicists know as energy lensing. When a person swings this driver and the face of the club hits the ball, 3G titanium bars inside of the driver keep the crown and the sole from bulging. Typically, when a ball impacts the face of a driver without this technology, the crown will bulge higher and the soul will bulge lower. This displaces energy that could be driven into the ball.

Watch the video:

High Performance Stock Shaft Options

Four different types of high-performance shaft options can be combined with the GBB EPIC Driver:

  • Rogue - 70 grams
  • Fuji - 60 grams
  • HZRDUS - 50 grams
  • Diamana - 40 grams

These shafts have been proven to improve and promote stability, power and speed as well as control of the club.

Be the first at your golf club to utilize the technology of the Callaway GBB EPIC Driver by picking up one today.

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