Odyssey Putters Introduce A New Big T Model

Odyssey-putters-big-T-putterIf you have been around the sport of golf for a while, you've probably heard about Odyssey Putters, but did you know that this brand is actually owned by Callaway? In 1997, Callaway took over the reigns for this outstanding class of putters and continues to provide innovative and new types of putters for golfers who want to improve their short game.

Odyssey Introduces Big T Putters

One of the latest innovations to come out of the Odyssey brand is a new line of putters known as Big T. While visiting Japan, putter design expert Austie Rollinson noticed that a player using one of Odyssey's putters had added a thicker line to the putter so that alignment would be easier to see. The end result of this has been transformed into Big T putters. The concept behind the putter is designed to share the best of both worlds for golfers who prefer lining up short shots with a perpendicular stripe and those who prefer lining up with a parallel stripe. This foolproof plan squares up a shot for golfers and should help sink more putts.

Along with the T alignment, these putters also incorporate Fusion RX, which is a face insert known for its ability to produce less skid and a better launch off of the face. Big T models will be available in four different varieties--the V-Line,V-Line CS, #5 and Big T Blade.

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