Callaway X-22 Irons

x-22-callaway-ironWe all need a little forgiveness in our swings sometimes, and the X-22 irons from Callaway golf provide that and more. What makes the X-22 irons so special you ask. Well, Callaway has taken its precision notch weighting, and created a higher moment of inertia.

Basically, this means when you whack the ball, you're getting more forgiveness and stability, and maintaining a center of gravity position at the same time. This equals a straighter hit, even though you may be a bit off center when striking the ball.

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The Tour inspired head shape of the X-22 iron was designed by engineers who took elements from Tour players on the professional circut. Combine this with an advanced version of the modified tru-bore design, and you come up with one sweet set of golf clubs.